Go Fund Me Initiative

The Grocer Exchange has just started a Go Fund Me me initiative to educate and advance the adoption of current state-of-the-art Grocery Industry Retail Analytics.  Without this timely assistance, two horrible circumstances shall continue to prevail:Grocer Exchange Go Fund me

First, due to the lack of data systems and data promulgation capabilities, these independent supermarkets which primarily feed black & Hispanic consumers cannot be measured via the traditional grocery market monitors to provide associated CPG’s (consumer packaged goods manufacturers) with the ability to reliably measure sales & marketing success through these supermarkets at the SKU/UPC levels;

Secondly, as a consequence of the above, black & Hispanic consumers shopping at these supermarkets have to overspend for the food they buy at these supermarkets by 20.7% annually.  When you consider those with the least amount of money are victimized by this horrible reality, it is nothing less than an atrocity.

Good news: The Grocer Exchange believes that by successfully accomplishing this goal, at least 30,000 new jobs shall be created for black & Hispanic American citizens living in these communities where clearly more jobs are needed.

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