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Revolutionize Your Grocery Business with The Grocer Exchange:
Your All-in-One Solution for Inventory Management, Promotions, Funding, and Shopper Loyalty

Are You Tired Af The Daily Challenges That Come With Running A Grocery Business?

From inventory management to planning promotions, balancing funding, and building shopper loyalty, it can feel overwhelming. But what if there was a solution that could make these problems disappear?

The Grocer Exchange, your turnkey partner for grocery marketing and operations. Over the past 9 years, we’ve been quietly developing critical platforms and marketing tools designed to propel your grocery business forward. Now, we’re sharing these revolutionary systems with a wider audience, giving you the competitive edge you need to take on larger retailers.

Our partnerships and deep integrations with consumer packaged goods manufacturers, financial services sponsors, and our exclusive Grocer Exchange technology enable us to provide your grocers with best-in-class cost savings and revenue generation opportunities that rival those enjoyed by leading supermarket chains nationwide. The competitive advantage we offer your business is nothing short of phenomenal, and it will only increase in value as we continue to add new partnerships and services over time.

The Services You Need to Grow Your Business

Turnkey Loyalty Programs

At The Grocer Exchange we provide our Grocer members with everything they need to stabilize their core business, attract new customers, accelerate purchase dynamics and reward loyal customers. The incentives will increase shopper frequency and basket size while lowering their costs for groceries — all with the help of The Grocer Exchange Rewards shopper loyalty program.

Expedite Coupon Redemption

With The Grocer Exchange expedited coupon redemption, you can reduce your revenue wait time by up to 90%. Our Loyalty Program allows us to offer sophisticated Electronic Coupons. With discounts paid directly to the consumer, there is ZERO wait time on these highly attractive offers. Stimulate new business with extremely competitive net participation fees while enjoying the new business stimulated by the CPGs.

Store optimization

Optimize Store Operations

Shoppers appreciate being able to browse a grocery that is well-merchandised, especially when their favorite brands are always in stock. Our Grocer Exchange members benefit daily from the GEX-Next Orbit Retail Analytics platform which ensures balanced inventory levels — all geared to deliver the highest levels of shopper satisfaction while yielding maximum revenue and reliable profit streams for their supermarkets.

CPG Marketing Funds

In this new age of digital marketing, Grocer Exchange CPG’s can promote their products directly to shoppers either inside your store or to people in the proximity of your supermarkets. There are massive funds available for participating Grocer Exchange member supermarkets, and you will be amazed at the scale of funds we deliver to our members — All new funds from unexpected revenue streams. The Grocer Exchange enjoys assisting our members with tapping into these new funds…


In-Store Marketing Programs

The Grocer Exchange is America’s leading authority on in-store shopper marketing with systems targeted for instant advertising. GEX leverages advanced consumer metrics powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning — and continually enhanced by purchase histories from all of our Grocer Exchange Member shoppers. This digital platform sends promotional message directly to shoppers. These messages are proven to increase sales by an average of 16% per retail visit.


Mobile Advertising Programs

As a member of The Grocer Exchange, your consumers are given exclusive access to our Shopper Marketing Network. This exclusive channel is our vehicle for mobile advertising and coupon sales promotion. Our members will receive food suggestions, recipes and actual cooking presentations. Even better, consumers will also receive discounts targeted to the products they’re viewing that will drive traffic and additional revenue to your supermarket.


Expand Revenue, Reduce Expenses with The Grocer Exchange

Revenue Generation Programs

Tap into new CPG-sponsored revenue sources and improve the overall profitability of your store. You will feel the dramatic power of The Grocer Exchange Membership as soon as you become a fully-certified partner…
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Energy Savings Programs

Our merchant services and energy discounts add up over time, saving you 10-15% on the annual recurring costs for your store. Join the buying power of thousands of retailers with your Membership…

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Marketing and Advertising

Bring new customers into your stores and increase the level of visibility among shoppers. Our program is far more cost-effective and efficient then traditional advertising programs thanks to your membership in The Grocer Exchange…
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Electronic Coupon Programs

Qualifying Grocer Exchange supermarket members and their shoppers benefit from an exclusive customer-focused GEX Rewards coupons — and the costs associated with the program are completely sponsored by the CPG’s…
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Electronic Circular Programs

Attract new shoppers, increase shopper frequency and boost basket size by taking advantage of the proprietary Grocer Exchange sales and marketing automation platform. You can easily customize the weekly circular for your supermarkets…
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Digital Signage Programs

CPG’s will pay to promote their products in your stores. You’ll receive access to in-aisle and across-aisle digital signage along with strategically positioned Grocer Exchange Discount Savings Kiosks — all funded by the CPGs…
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Real-Time Store Analytics

As a Member, you are automatically qualified to select from one to three tiers of our Store Optimization and artificial intelligence analytics engine. Receive automatic recommendations on critical stocking and purchase decisions…
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Easy Guide Discount Program

Receive exclusive discounts and specials that our team negotiates directly with manufacturers and distributors. These discounted products are only available to Grocer Exchange members and not to the general market…
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"I have been involved in association with Frank Romero for almost 2 decades. To watch Frank work to develop lines and mentor clients is nothing less than extraordinary.His extensive knowledge of not only the Grocery/HBC industry, but the Multicultural market is without boundaries. I highly recommend The Grocers Exchange to ...
NorrisDairy Farmers of America
"I have known Frank and Grocer Exchange for many years. They know their industry better than anyone and have been at the forefront of many innovations. From loyalty, to payments, to shopper marketing, Grocer Exchange is THE best partner."
StevenReliant Funding
"The Grocer Exchange, under Frank Romero’s vision, leadership and perseverance, has grown into the most successful and brilliant sales and marketing firm in the world, multiculturally or otherwise. If you need a solution that hits it out of the park, call Frank!"