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Large supermarkets and chains have virtually unlimited budgets and resources which provides them with what seems like an overwhelming competitive advantage. Even though they may charge far more than an independent chain for the very same food, the advanced operational and marketing tools these major chains utilize can outstrip smaller grocers.

There is a massive expense involved with creating these technology solutions, that can include everything from mobile apps, electronic coupons, robo-calls reminders, proximity and geo-located sales messages and automated email reminders. On top of the marketing benefits found in advanced technology, these larger organizations are also able to take advantage of operational boosts such as lower costs of capital, real-time pricing optimization and loyalty programs.

Independent supermarket owners have struggled to create the same sophisticated operational and marketing machines used by major retailers, but no more!  Now, you can bring this same level of marketing, operations and retail analytics technology to your grocery store with the shared buying power of Grocer Exchange.  When you become a member of Grocer Exchange, you gain access to the advanced marketing, business intelligence and machine learning technology that will give you a competitive edge in your community — and beyond.

You will gain access to:

  • Automated coupon redemption
  • Targeted revenue generation program
  • Streamlined order management
  • Cost saving initiatives
  • Automated inventory management systems
  • AI-powered predictive analytics and selling

In short, the technology and marketing systems that you need to take your business to the next level. We’re so confident we guarantee that the membership will pay for itself — all while providing the services and products your customers demand.



To become a member is easy, affordable and provides immediate benefits for your business. Start with our Basic Level membership and work your way up our Gold Membership — Or go for the gold right away, it’s completely up to you!

There are no long-term contracts and no big upfront fees. Once you’ve paid the extremely low monthly membership fee, you begin immediately reaping the benefits. Try it out for 30 days for FREE if you don’t like it you can cancel.


Getting started doesn’t require a long ramp-up period or multiple rounds of negotiations. We have spent nearly a decade fine-tuning each offering to ensure that it adds value to grocery stores of all sizes — giving you the buying power, tools and technology that you need to continue expanding your reach and enhancing your revenue opportunities.

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Leverage The Tools You Need To Compete Against Large Supermarkets

Taken collectively, independent grocery stores rank as the sixth-largest chain in the United States. As an independent grocer, you belong to a group that annually serves 70+ million consumers and accounts for over $75 billion in gross sales. The Grocer Exchange puts the power of those numbers to work for its member stores.

The multicultural consumer base, primarily served by independents, is the fastest-growing segment in the U. S. grocery market, and consumer packaged goods manufacturers are consistently challenged to reach it effectively, reliably, and consistently. CPG companies don’t deal directly with individual stores or small groups.

The Grocer Exchange, however, represents our members, and implements the systems required to qualify their stores, coordinate large national programs all the way down to the local level, and acquire, normalize, and certify the register data needed to verify program effectiveness.

Leveling The Field

The Grocer Exchange provides a unique set of technology, marketing and sales promotion channels that serve the best interests of both independent grocers and manufacturers.

The Grocer Exchange Member grocers:

  • Have the economic buying power to command and captivate the attention of major CPG manufacturers
  • Leverage marketing dollars to create a comprehensive marketing toolkit
  • Create shopper loyalty programs that cultivate positive shopping habits
  • Offer consumer sales promotions to encourage repeat visits
  • Coordinate large national programs all the way down to the local level
  • Gain access to sophisticated marketing information systems that are required to attract the attention of national manufacturers

These programs are all designed to reliably produce measurable results and contribute to the bottom line of your business.

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The Power Of Technology To Optimize Your Stores

By virtue of their size, big supermarket chains have massive amounts of technology available to run the operations.  Independent grocery store owners must know how your customers shop and how to control your store’s inventory to fulfill the products people buy on any given day, week or month.

It’s no longer enough to simply walk the store looking at the shelves to place your order for more inventory. You need the technology tools that will help optimize your inventory based on past buying trends, product sales and seasonality — and even the weather! A proactive, automated inventory solution assures that you aren’t running out of the products people need and leaving money on the table.

Reducing your load of slow or stagnant products frees up expansive shelf space for more profitable items. One of our newest Grocer Exchange member stores found that they had 30% of their inventory producing zero revenue that had not sold for over 12 months, and they discovered this in the first three months of being a member.

Turnkey Customer Loyalty Program

The Grocer Exchange Loyalty Program provides independent grocery store operators with effective tools for incentivizing consumers and rewarding loyalty. The Grocer Exchange handles all the technical details of issuing virtual loyalty cards, digital wallets, and maintaining membership records.

Because Independent supermarkets have generally operated at a disadvantage to large chains: they don’t have the resources needed to maintain a loyalty system or the technical requirements to operate the program.

Couple this aggressive inventory management with real-time cash register transactions that includes sales history, inventory, order history and products. You suddenly have the information you need to run your store at optimal levels. This is technology that only the big chains have had the luxury to be able to afford, until now!

Furthermore, we use the collective muscle of our membership base to negotiate the best possible promotional deals with manufacturers — Deals that no individual store or small store group could possibly achieve alone.

We Offer 4 Levels Of Membership

Basic Membership LEVEL

Discount Energy Pricing

The Grocer Exchange Basic Membership The rising cost of energy has been a point of pain for grocers throughout the country. As one of the largest expenses that a grocer incurs on a regular basis, the Grocer Exchange team focused on how to dramatically reduce these costs. We have negotiated aggressive energy discounts from an A+ rated power generator to create a program designed specifically for supermarkets. As a Basic Level member, you will gain access to insider pricing that will immediately reduce your overall energy costs by making you a part of an energy-buying collective of our members.

Energy Aggregation Passport Program

The Grocer Exchange energy savings aggregation program uniquely allows members to lock in today’s prices even if you do not activate today or even this year. Switch-over to our program would happen automatically so you would not be subject to any early cancellation fees from your current supplier. The locked-in preferred price is good for up to 5 years.

Merchant Services Discount

As a small business, you may or may not realize that there are substantial benefits to being a part of a larger buying collective. Did you know that major retailers have access to processing rates that are far below what you’re currently paying, simply due to the volume of orders that are being processed on a weekly basis?

As a Grocer Exchange member, you’ll immediately see the value in every single transaction as we leverage the buying power of many small merchants to negotiate Tier One rates for your payment processing.

Continuing Education Services

The Grocer Exchange is dedicated to providing cost-effective training opportunities that meet the needs of our members and enhance their skills, knowledge, and competencies. Our continuing education topics are taught by industry professionals and include important topics such as:

  • Human Resources
  • Benefits
  • Sales Tax
  • Marketing
  • Labour Relations
  • More topics are being added all the time
  • Each of these training opportunities are included in your

Each of these training opportunities are included in your Grocer Exchange membership — yet one more way that we continue to add value to your business.

Item Master Grocery Description and Image Library

Creating a weekly circular is time consuming, and it’s extremely challenging to find just the right image or product description to launch the circular so it’s producing revenue. Fortunately, we can help!

Members of the Grocer Exchange gain immediate access to thousands of product images — right at your fingertips and in real time. No more spending hours searching for images and wasting time (and money!) putting together your circular.

Want to learn more about Item Master for retailers? Our brand content helps power some of the largest names in the grocery and retail business. You’ll find thousands of private label and branded product images, all distributed in a variety of formats:

  • An easy-to-use API
  • Access to our custom platform
  • A direct feed to your systems
  • Via spreadsheet import

The Item Master grocery images library is an exceptional sales and productivity tool that will save you and your team hours every week — all available with your Grocer Express membership!

The Grocer Exchange Bronze MembershipBronze Membership LEVEL

Includes Everything In The Basic Membership Level – Plus The Following

Financial Advisory Services

Understanding your financial options can be challenging for business owners, especially if your expertise doesn’t lie in the financial realm. Our financial advisory services team has facilitated over $100 million in financing for businesses over the past 5 years, and is built on a strong foundation of ethics and trust.

This service is far beyond “just another lender”, as they’re available to help support your business and produce the results that you expect. We help fuel your dreams for expanding in a new direction, adding a new product offering or fulfilling the order for your next big account. As a Grocer Exchange Member, you have full access to this elite group of financial professionals.

Analog Coupon Processing & Settlement

Analog coupons are still one of the best tactics for driving sales — yet one of the most painful ones to execute. Mountains of paper coupons must be processed manually, a labor intensive and tedious process that culminates in submitting the coupons to CPGs for validation and reimbursement. After all of that work, you still often wait weeks for your refunds!

As a Grocer Exchange Member, you’ll find that the process is greatly expedited. This allows you to gain near-immediate access to your funds while we handle all of the coupon processing for you. An immediate win in terms of productivity and the availability of funds to fuel your growth!

Local Express Electronic Grocery Ordering Delivery

Today’s families are constantly on the go, making it a necessity for any grocer to offer web-based ordering and delivery. Developing this technology is excessively expensive — far more than many local grocer’s could tackle alone.

As Grocer Exchange members, you have access to our revolutionary web-based ordering and delivery platform. We can create and set up your program and have it running for you in no time. We handle all the ongoing management and software updates, capture online orders and even make the deliveries for you — all you have to do is reap the benefits of providing this service to your customers.

Easy Guide Direct Discounts Program

Easy Guide is a monthly newsletter that is only sent to Grocer Exchange members with exclusive discounts and specials that our team negotiates directly with manufacturers and distributors. These discounted products are only available to Grocer Exchange members — and not to the general market.

The product discounts are only a small portion of the boost you will see with the Easy Guide Direct Discounts Program. Our reporting and validation systems are so easy to use, that you’ll immediate see how this program is making money for your store.

Add Our Store Optimization Starter Pack To Your Membership

To Improve Store Sales & Enhance The Customer Experience with the Ultimate Retail Analytics Engine, Order Management and Inventory Optimization System

Our artificial intelligence engine automates the ordering process to ensure that your inventory is accurate and your store is fully-stocked. Most retailers lose anywhere from 10-15% of sales due to poor demand planning or items that are out of stock — and may never even know it. With Grocer Exchange’s revolutionary software, this problem will effectively disappear.

Add our Starter Pack and get:

  • Sales Analyzer
  • Slow Movers
  • Out-of-stock Dashboard
  • Order Optimizer

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The Grocer Exchange Sliver MembershipSilver Membership LEVEL

Includes Everything In The Bronze Membership Level – Plus The Following

Grocer Rewards & Revenue Sharing Program

As a Grocer Exchange member, you may participate in our exclusive Grocer Exchange Revenue Sharing Program. Once enrolled and certified, your supermarkets may benefit from a significant amount of extra consumer traffic and trade marketing dollars to increase, accelerate and turbocharge your profitability and growth. Once certified and established, you can watch your bottom line grow.

Robo-Call Sales Promotion

Grocer Exchange MembershipDo you have an upcoming sale or promotion that you’d love to announce to a special group of shoppers? Our Robo-Call sales promotion provides you the operating platform to spread your message quickly and efficiently to a large number of customers.

This works particularly well if you have an in-store event that you’d like to promote, as you can create a script that contains a call to action to visit on a particular date and time.


Electronic Coupon & Analog Processing And Settlement

Coupon processing is one of the most manual processes in grocery stores, costing a great deal of time and overhead not to mention the slow turnaround time for coupon refunds from CPGs. With our advanced analog and electronic coupon processing and settlement, Grocer Exchange members enjoy an accelerated timeline for receiving their refunds — often within several working days instead of waiting for many weeks.

Processing coupons is also greatly accelerated. Instead of the lengthy validation process, our members simply send in their coupons and we perform the necessary validation and heavy lifting — while you reap the benefits!

Discount Savings Center Kiosks

Pulling together a cohesive customer experience means providing the same information in an omnichannel format: bringing the digital promotions directly into the stores. Our discount savings center kiosks are a digital representation of your coupons and store specials — providing shoppers with a simple way to reference digital offers while they’re physically shopping.

In-Store Digital Signage

Yes, digital signage can be cost effective — at least it is when you’re a Grocer Exchange member! Our digital signage experts will work with your store promotion team to create and maintain relevant information such as news, specials and in-store offers.

Add Our Store Optimization Starter Pack or Advantage Pack To Your Membership

o Improve Store Sales & Enhance The Customer Experience with the Ultimate Retail Analytics Engine, Order Management and Inventory Optimization System

Our artificial intelligence engine automates the ordering process to ensure that your inventory is accurate and your store is fully-stocked. Most retailers lose anywhere from 10-15% of sales due to poor demand planning or items that are out of stock — and may never even know it. With Grocer Exchange’s revolutionary software, this problem will effectively disappear.

Add our Starter Pack and get:

  • Sales Analyzer
  • Slow Movers
  • Out-of-stock Dashboard
  • Order Optimizer

Add Advantage Pack and get all the above Plus:

  • Price Analyzer
  • Top Sellers
  • Hot Items
  • Impulse Items

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Gold Membership LEVEL

Includes Everything In The Silver Membership Level – Plus The Following

Geo-Fencing Sales & Grocer Exchange Rewards Promotions

Are you wasting time and marketing dollars on shoppers who are outside your market? How could you tell? Our industry-leading geo-fencing sales program allows you to micro-target your messaging to the people who are most likely to be activated to visit your store.

The real-time insights that you’ll gain on your shoppers provides a second level of marketing information. We are able to help you create audience profiles that will aid your understanding of your local audience so you can create the most relevant possible messages to share with shoppers.

Our GEX Rewards Promotions are yet another way of activating your audience to make a purchase. Loyalty programs are shown to bring results — shoppers who visit more frequently, especially when they are delivered offers that are relevant to their unique situation.

Loyalty programs allow you to create a one-on-one relationship with your shoppers instead of the shotgun approach to marketing that doesn’t feel as personal.

Unlimited Access To World Class Statista Infographics & Statistical Abstract

Have you ever wondered how people are utilizing social media and eCommerce as it relates to the food industry? With access to Statista, the world-class website that contains thousands of data profiles, you’ll be able to answer these questions and more.

Global competitors have access to this information and use it on a regular basis to gain a competitive advantage over smaller grocers. The Wall Street Journal calls Statista “a reliable and comprehensive source” of information — and you gain full access to the platform with your Grocer Exchange membership.

Grocer Exchange Chairman Class Reserved Privileges

Traveling the world has never been easier with your private luxury travel concierge! The additional revenue that you’ll generate with all of the other amazing Grocer Exchange membership benefits means you’ll have the budget available to treat yourself and your loved ones to travel to luxurious locations throughout the world.

These members-only wellness retreats and explorations are only possible with a world-class travel concierge. Your access to the TU Elite travel team begins immediately with your Grocer Exchange membership.

Emerald Club Travel Membership

Are you ready to embark on the dream vacations that you and your family deserve? Our Emerald Club Travel Membership provides you with full-scale concierge and travel services worldwide by Four Hundred — the premier, invitation-only lifestyle management firm. Our Emerald Club was designed by individuals who believe your lifestyle should have no limitations — offering unparalleled privileges and access to the world’s leading hospitality experiences.

We invite all Emerald Club Members to enjoy this 24/7 lifestyle concierge service, one we believe to be the ultimate extension of our commitment to a robust membership offering.

Concierge requests can include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Travel Bookings and Experiences
  • Nightclubs
  • Broadway and Theatre Shows
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts and Tours
  • Personal Shopping

In addition to the premium concierge services, you will also receive complimentary offerings and discounts from world-class brands:

  • Personal lifestylists, available through Wheels Down Concierge
  • Complimentary pack of eight 6-oz USDA Prime Complete Trim Filets, from Allen Brothers Steaks
  • 3-hour complimentary Barton & Gray Hinckley yacht cruise at any one of 21 harbors along the East Coast
  • 2 free, consecutive nights at one of the Bahamas most beautiful locations: Baha Mar Resort
  • Complimentary “Makeup 101” class from Blushington Makeup and Beauty Lounge
    25% savings at Canyon Ranch Tucson or Lenox locations, plus $310 per day service allowance
  • Commonwealth Chauffeured Transportation offers two complimentary hours of sedan service, plus reduced rates exclusive to Emerald Club Members

These amazing discounts and free offerings are merely a sampling of what is waiting for you as a part of the exclusive Emerald Club, offered only to members of The Grocer Exchange.

Add Our Store Optimization Starter Pack or Advantage Pack or Enterprise Pack To Your Membership

To Improve Store Sales & Enhance The Customer Experience. The Ultimate Order Management and Inventory Optimization System

Our artificial intelligence engine automates the ordering process to ensure that your inventory is accurate and your store is fully-stocked.
Most retailers lose anywhere from 10-15% of sales due to poor demand planning or items that are out of stock — and may never even know it. With Grocer Exchange’s revolutionary software, this problem will effectively disappear.

Add our Starter Pack and get:

  • Sales Analyzer
  • Slow Movers
  • Out-of-stock Dashboard
  • Order Optimizer

Add Advantage Pack and get all the above Plus:

  • Price Analyzer
  • Top Sellers
  • Hot Items
  • Impulse Items

Add Enterprise Pack and get all the above Plus:

  • Promotional Effectiveness
  • Checkout Staffing
  • Cash Demand Analyzer

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