Introducing SabreScore: For Grocer Exchange Members only


Quantitatively Measure Your Advertising Effectiveness in Real Time

In today’s world of omni-channel digital communications, consumer packaged goods manufacturers demand a high level of detail to better understand the value received from their retail marketing spend.

The inner spaces and areas around retail shopping establishments are a battleground, and the grocery stores that are able to demonstrate true ROI will be the ones receiving these precious marketing dollars from CPGs in the future.

This has always been challenging in the past as you attempt to aggregate information and share it back with CPG marketers. With the revolutionary new SabreScore Program from The Grocer Exchange, your business will qualify for the highest possible tier of advertising support because you can prove the ROI to the CPG teams. Our state-of-the-art digital tracking and reconciliation system integrates with participating supermarket POS systems to provide real-time cash register data to help CPGs determine:

  • Best performing advertising vehicles
  • Best performing consumer target audiences
  • Best performing days and dayparts
  • Best performing participating supermarkets

The SabreScore Directory: The Fastest Path to Qualify for Exceptional Revenue Generation Opportunities

Being a member of the Grocer Exchange on the following levels:

  • CPG Corporate Member
  • Supermarket Store level Member
  • Advertising Agency Member
  • Sales Promotion Agency Member
  • Consulting & Advisor Member

provides vast benefits within your business interests and core expertise.

Become Part of the Elite SabreScore Community

Each of our member partners must meet or exceed a stringent checklist of criteria to ensure you can meet the standards of our elite SabreScore Community. This allows us to ensure that CPGs are receiving trusted data from the highest-performing grocery retail partners.

Some of our requirements include:

  • Exceptional cash register performance as shown by review of 18 months of prior data captured by the existing POS store-level database.
  • Link to the SabreScore real-time data collection network.
  • Each store must pass a rigorous transaction and reconciliation certification process.
  • Current database cleanliness and uniform UPC and PLU standards review.
  • Demonstrate real-time data transmission during the initial 90-day introductory phase to ensure overall consistency and reliability.
  • Complete product presence review and documentation

If your supermarket is able to pass this rigorous set of challenges, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your store is eligible for targeted promotion by CPGs for your specific audience and location
  • The participating supermarket shall experience higher gross revenue & profits
  • Increased target audience shopper visits to the participating supermarket
  • Increased basket sizes and average ticket
  • Further, your immediate qualification into the exclusive Grocer Exchange Revenue Generation program

The SabreScore systems is easy to install and becomes an integral part of your business operations. Plus, the data that is gathered functions as a free ticket to the wealth of CPG advertising dollars, exceptional discounts on unique and fast-moving merchandise and inclusion n specific store-level consumer marketing programs.

The cost of these remarkable benefits? Simply becoming a member of The Grocer Exchange.




To become a member is easy, affordable and provides immediate benefits for your business. Start with our Basic Level membership and work your way up our Gold Membership — Or go for the gold right away, it’s completely up to you!

There are no long-term contracts and no big upfront fees. Once you’ve paid the extremely low monthly membership fee, you begin immediately reaping the benefits. Try it out for 30 days for FREE if you don’t like it you can cancel.


Getting started doesn’t require a long ramp-up period or multiple rounds of negotiations. We have spent nearly a decade fine-tuning each offering to ensure that it adds value to grocery stores of all sizes — giving you the buying power, tools and technology that you need to continue expanding your reach and enhancing your revenue opportunities.

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Boost Store Traffic, Increase Purchase Frequency and Dramatically Increase Basket Size

As a member of The Grocer Exchange with SabreScore enabled, you’ll gain access to these marketing programs:

  • Proximity-based advertising, sales promotions and coupon programs.
  • Unique inner space advertising programs and sales promotions
  • Paid performance volume campaigns

Plus, your store will quality for additional exciting programs such as our discount savings center, “Load to Card” coupons and digital signage throughout your store.

How The Grocer Exchange SabreScore Program Works in Supermarkets

Each transaction through the SabreScore program acts as a credit for your supermarket. This information is then used to calculate your store’s category, brand family and brand-specific SabreScores which are then translated to the level of CPG marketing support and dollars your store qualifies for.

More sales = more CPG-paid advertising and sales promotion programs targeted to your store — all result in greater revenue!

The SabreScore Program is used in calculating metrics that are important to you and to CPGs:

  • Overall effectiveness of moving specific products off the shelf and into the shopper’s basket
  • The value of specific advertising dollars
  • Which marketing channels are most effective (and which bring in the most direct revenue!)
  • Effective utilization of marketing programs both inside and outside your grocery stores

Providing this information back to CPGs allows you to justify their ongoing support of your business through discounts, marketing dollars and direct advertising.
Is The Grocer Exchange SabreScore Program Available in My Market?
While eventually we will work with organizations throughout the country, the new Sabre Score program is currently available for grocers in these markets:

    • New York
    • Los Angeles
    • Miami
    • Chicago
    • Dallas
    • Houston
    • San Antonio

Only markets in these regions will be able to utilize these powerful new tools to help drive new business to their grocery stores while capitalizing on all of the benefits offered by becoming a Grocer Exchange member.

Only those supermarkets participating in The Grocer Exchange will be eligible to participate in our Sabre Score program. We will also be working directly with advertising agencies, sales promotion agencies, marketing consultants and CPG marketers to provide your grocery stores with the very best of service excellence and insight that your business needs to be successful.

Don’t wait for this opportunity for additional revenue to pass you by. Getting started is quick and easy, but we are only accepting a limited number of vetted grocery stores for this unique opportunity. Contact us today at 649-969-3451 or fill out our quick online form to find out if you are eligible to become a part of the country’s largest and most powerful group of grocery store owners: The Grocer Exchange.