Grocery Store Marketing and Advertising Programs

Activate Your Unique Sponsored Grocer Exchange Marketing & Advertising Benefits To Boost Your Store(S) Shopper Frequency & Basket Size

Optimize your SKUs, streamline your operations, increase your cash register rings and be confident that you’re doing everything possible to boost your sales. Having The Grocer Exchange effective marketing and advertising in place takes away all of the guesswork and replaces it with total success. In many cases, these marketing and advertising activities are subsidized by the consumer packaged goods industry. You will be astounded at the revenue you will be able to generate and the product cases you’re able to move — all while seeing significant reductions in your overall marketing costs.

  • Electronic Weekly circulars which actually pay you while also qualifying your stores for targeted electronic couponing
  • Email sales promotion programs activated by interactive artificial intelligence programs directed at your best customers while also attracting new customers
  • Electronic proximity marketing to drive customers within 500 meters to your store
  • The Grocer Exchange GEX Rewards electronic coupon program that drives consumers to your stores, while eliminating the administrative burden on your stores to manually redeem coupons
  • Creation of real and reliable return shopping along with your ability to proactively grow your store customer base while actually getting paid to drive business to supermarket
  • Advanced artificial intelligence aimed at utilizing recency of purchase to forecast and model future purchases, all stimulated by Grocer Exchange GEX Rewards electronic smart coupons
  • Real time optimization of social media to marry reality and relevance to your shopper dynamics to the direct benefit of your store
  • Increase the flow of in-store traffic with event marketing aided by in-store digital kiosks and signage

Each of these elements work together to capture enhanced customer information — the information that consumer packaged goods manufacturers are willing to pay for, and that will help increase your sales.



To become a member is easy, affordable and provides immediate benefits for your business. Start with our Basic Level membership and work your way up our Gold Membership — Or go for the gold right away, it’s completely up to you!

There are no long-term contracts and no big upfront fees. Once you’ve paid the extremely low monthly membership fee, you begin immediately reaping the benefits. Try it out for 30 days for FREE if you don’t like it you can cancel.


Getting started doesn’t require a long ramp-up period or multiple rounds of negotiations. We have spent nearly a decade fine-tuning each offering to ensure that it adds value to grocery stores of all sizes — giving you the buying power, tools and technology that you need to continue expanding your reach and enhancing your revenue opportunities.

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Your Hub For Customer Activity

It’s not enough to send a weekly or monthly email to your customer list with offers. You need a single, centralized location that aggregates all of the offers and can present the most relevant promotions to your customers.

As a Grocer Exchange member, you will enjoy all of the benefits of sales and advertising provided by Webociti, the marketing communications arm of GEX. With their many decades of success and access to these consumer packaged goods manufacturer funds, you can rest assured that you will receive the very best marketing communications tactics available to significantly improve your bottom line. Webociti will work closely with you to develop a customized approach that maximizes exposure for your shoppers to easily:

  • Browse weekly sales offerings
  • Sign up for The Grocer Exchange GEX Rewards card which actually pays your store an acquisition fee for every approved card
  • View online marketing circulars
  • Receive mobile targeted ads based on proximity of shoppers near your store
  • Receive weekly & special robocalls based on prior purchases and demographics

Electronic Weekly Circulars

Delivering information directly to your shoppers has never been easier! Our automated electronic weekly circulars are a marketer’s dream. Every week, these circulars are emailed to members of your loyalty program as well as customers who sign up to receive this type of offer.

Emails with special offers are shown to drive additional sales and revenue, making this the ideal promotional opportunity for your store — without the added hassle or expense of creating a program yourself on a weekly basis.

Because shoppers are accustomed to looking for a weekly circular, plotting their sales and shopping for the week by seeing which grocery retailer has the best specials. The Grocer Exchange Electronic Weekly Circulars are one of the most effective sales promotion tools for your supermarket. In addition to driving volume, turns and increased basket sizes, they also generate commercial revenue for your supermarket by directly delivering incremental CPG marketing funds associated with brand marketing to those consumers who actually shop in your supermarket.

As your shoppers arrive or as opportunities may arise, The Grocer Exchange can provide you with special offers, activated by unique conversion data and consumer insights. This information is then utilized to make the participating brands more effective at marketing to your shoppers. In essence, the CPG marketers are going to pay you to grow your sales.

It’s easy to see the value of the circular, but it’s still a challenge to find time to create them every week. Finding images, creating marketing copy, identifying SKUs to feature, making it all look good on the page — it’s all a never-ending cycle and there are so many other places where you could use that marketing effort. With our unique digital circular program, we leverage the exceptional information that has been added to Grocer Exchange to create a customized circular based on business parameters that you define.


As our premier marketing and advertising partner, Webociti will handle all of the setup, production and digital distribution of your circular. You will be delighted with the professional designs and layout — and all you will have to do is print copies of your circular to hand out in store. Everything else is completely handled for you!

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to reach consumer and encourage them to shop at your store. Creating a highly strategic and cohesive email sales promotion campaign requires a deep understanding of your shoppers. You also need the support of a dedicated team to observe and monitor these shoppers along with a savvy creative team to design, compose, proof and analyze the results of your weekly email programs.

Webociti, a highly invested, enterprise-level marketing communications firm, has been in the business of creating and distributing specialized content for decades. They are best-of-class at ensuring your offers are viewed and appealing to shoppers. Webociti is a known leader in the marketing and advertising world, delivering marketing communications excellence to their clients. CPG marketers will flock to pay extra for Webociti’s SIR (stimulus, intervening variable response) modeling and measurable performance excellence.

Marketing Automation

By leveraging The Grocer Exchange Rewards marketing automation managed by Webociti & GEX Next Orbit, we proactively customize the content and monitor timing and lag components to ensure your shoppers receive the most relevant offers suited for their needs. This information is based upon consumer shopping dynamics while strategically promoting volume interests at your supermarkets. This effort entices shoppers to visit your store and purchase those products.

Webociti’s advanced marketing automation platform takes the guesswork out of creating sales by creating progressive, relevant interactive offers and timely message delivery. Information is customized for unique individuals as well as individual cluster segments for both new and existing customers.

Grocer Exchange In-Store Signage

Through a system of unique programs developed by The Grocer Exchange Shopper Marketing Network, we can arrange to have unique signage installed in your store. Based upon the effectiveness of that signage, The Grocer Exchange may even pay you for letting us incentivize your shoppers to buy new items or sale offerings seven days a week, 365 days a year. The cost of installation and this advanced market development is exclusively available to select Grocer Exchange members thanks to annual volume and revenue generation agreements which we have negotiated with the top CPG’s for decades.

The Grocer Exchange Shopper Marketing Network store signage is used to:

  • Announce specials
  • Promote a particular product
  • Share details on upcoming events
  • Highlight a storewide initiative
  • Interest shoppers in joining your loyalty program
  • Entice shoppers to come into the store

When your store is properly outfitted and merchandised, everything is clearly branded, strategy communications specific and completely on-target to ensure CPG marketers can feel confident that you can execute on product promotion.

Some of the thematic and flighted Webociti created designs include:

  • Shelf Tags
  • Isle Signs
  • Banners
  • Exit Signs
  • Window signs
  • POS signs

By creating an enticing interior for your store, you are communicating to CPG manufacturers that you have the capability to meet their promotional needs. The result? Marketers are more likely to invest in your store than in your competitor’s store — ultimately providing you with additional sales revenue and sponsor income.

With all of the benefits waiting for you as a Grocer Exchange Member, why wait? Contact our team today at 678-892-7157 to start down the path of growing your revenue, gaining additional CPG dollars for your store — and ultimately living your dreams. There is no long-term obligation, and we guarantee that the program will pay for itself in only a short period of time.