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Did you know that there’s a reason large chain supermarkets always seem to have the ready cash that they need for expansion and updates? These larger organizations can generate revenue in ways that have largely been blocked from local grocers. Our revolutionary revenue sharing program advocates for you and levels the playing field with direct grocer trade opportunities and consumer marketing dollars.

As a Grocer Exchange member, you may participate in our exclusive Grocer Exchange Revenue Sharing Program. Once enrolled and certified, your supermarkets may benefit from a significant amount of extra consumer traffic and massive sums of consumer and trade marketing dollars to increase, accelerate and turbocharge your profitability and growth. Once certified and established, you can watch your bottom line grow.


Your Passport To CPG Dollars


A single grocery supermarket would have a hard time negotiating with major CPGs to gain advertising dollars. When you are a part of Grocer Exchange, we approach the CPG marketers as a collective. In the process, you are not treated as a single supermarket, but instead, you are seen as part of a buying collective. As a Grocer Exchange fully-certified supermarket or supermarket group, you immediately gain credibility and the revenue associated with being a part of the Grocer Exchange collective.

As a part of Grocer Exchange, your product case movement and unit volume can be counted and verified — allowing you to quality for very large amounts of consumer and trade marketing dollars as well as selling programs that will help boost your bottom line. You may actually find that you’re deriving even greater funds than the larger supermarkets!

With your enrollment and certification in the Grocer Exchange revenue share program, you are no longer working as a single, independent supermarket or as a small group of supermarkets. You’re included in the Grocer Exchange sales base locally, regionally and nationally. These benefits are yours when you join Grocer Exchange, and you’ll receive dollars you have never received before thanks to your newly established access to these massive pools of marketing dollars.



To become a member is easy, affordable and provides immediate benefits for your business. Start with our Basic Level membership and work your way up our Gold Membership — Or go for the gold right away, it’s completely up to you!

There are no long-term contracts and no big upfront fees. Once you’ve paid the extremely low monthly membership fee, you begin immediately reaping the benefits. Try it out for 30 days for FREE if you don’t like it you can cancel.

We’re So Confident Your Grocer Exchange Membership Will Pay For Itself – We Guarantee It Or Your Money Back.

Getting started doesn’t require a long ramp-up period or multiple rounds of negotiations. We have spent nearly a decade fine-tuning each offering to ensure that it adds value to grocery stores of all sizes — giving you the buying power, tools and technology that you need to continue expanding your reach and enhancing your revenue opportunities.

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Get Paid To Participate In The Grocer Exchange

Imagine getting paid to participate without ever having to access or apply for these programs and never having to risk rejection. With your Grocer Exchange qualifying membership, we handle all of the business and finance administration.

All you have to do is watch your bank account grow as you are directly paid for all programs on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis. Consumer packaged goods and trade marketing sales promotion programs, along with product case movement rewards, are available for over thirty five (35) percent of the products already on your shelves. You can also receive notices and rewards for new items that are taken into your supermarkets during qualifying periods

Active Participation Equal Amplified Benefits

You’ve probably heard all your life that you’ll get out of something what you put into it. With Grocer Exchange, this is particularly true. When you make your best effort to take advantage of your Grocer Exchange membership benefits, you’ll reap the rewards quickly as well as over time. You will find that your business will thrive, with plenty of new revenue streams to reinvest in your business or save for the future.

Take Advantage Of Our Unique 18-Month Managed Risk Program

As your greatest advocate, we want to give you the option to see exactly how our Grocer Exchange Rewards program works for 18 months, with our unique money back guarantee. We have a history of proven success, and will work closely with you to determine what minimum level of rewards you can reasonably expect to receive over the course of your first 18-month membership.

At the very least, we guarantee that you will make more money as a part of Grocer Exchange than you ever could on your own. What’s better — we can assure you that once we certify your supermarket or supermarket group, you will definitely make more than the cost of your Grocer Exchange membership at your qualifying level.

Act Now And Benefit Immediately From Your Grocer Exchange Membership

Consumer packaged goods manufacturers and other sponsors are eager to reach your shoppers. These groups have the marketing dollars available to activate more of your shoppers and incrementally engage them to increase supermarket visits and increase product purchase volume

Here are some examples of shopper marketing tactics The Grocer Exchange deploys on a group and individual supermarket basis. These tactics are all designed to reach and increase your customer visit activity, with incentive programs to encourage customers to buy more products from your supermarket.


Qualify for Our SabreScore Program to Quantitatively Measure Your Advertising Effectiveness in Real Time

In today’s world of omnichannel digital communications, consumer packaged goods manufacturers demand a high level of detail to better understand the value received from their retail marketing spend.

With the revolutionary new SabreScore Program from The Grocer Exchange, your business will qualify for the highest possible tier of advertising support because you can prove the ROI to the CPG teams. Our state-of-the-art digital tracking and reconciliation system integrates with participating supermarket POS systems to provide real-time cash register data to help CPGs determine:

  • Best performing advertising vehicles
  • Best performing consumer target audiences
  • Best performing days and dayparts
  • Best performing participating supermarkets

Your SabreScore is your ticket to exceptional revenue generation opportunities.

Each of our member partners must meet or exceed a stringent checklist of criteria to ensure you can meet the standards of our elite SabreScore Community. This allows us to ensure that CPGs are receiving trusted data from the highest-performing grocery retail partners.

Prior To Supermarket Arrival Marketing

What will draw your potential shoppers away from their “normal” shopping experience to come into your supermarket? Or, what will encourage them to come visit you more often than their regularly-scheduled shopping trip? Impulse trips can drive significant revenue opportunities for supermarkets and CPG manufacturers alike. These pre-arrival strategies are sure to keep your grocery supermarket humming, increase weekly visits and reduce the elapsed time between visits to your business.

Electronic Weekly Circulars

Electronic weekly circulars build greater store loyalty by advising shoppers of specific product deals along with touting your best and most popular products. The key results: Increased awareness for your supermarket by category and for specific products. The net results: direct electronic reach and frequency to your franchise shoppers. Electronic circulars are not only an exceptional selling tool, they are paid for by numerous packaged goods providers and can help ease your entry into the digital marketing age.

Remote Grocery Ordering & Delivery

Grocer Exchange will host an online grocery supermarket on your behalf and submit orders to you to fill. All you are required to do is fulfill the orders and enjoy the additional sales. 

SMS Messaging Platform

Our SMS messaging platform provides you with instant access to a highly-developed software tool that provides immediate communication with your shoppers. They’re already checking their cell phones multiple times a day — now they can see your message, too.

Marketing Automation

You will gain access to our advanced Marketing Automation platform, that allows you to create and schedule ongoing communication with your shoppers. We deliver daily, weekly and even monthly offers, personalized coupon discounts and more. We work directly with manufacturers to procure the best deals for your shoppers fueled by the goal of incentivizing increased shopper visits and higher basket rates.

The Grocer Exchange Rewards Consumer Loyalty Card

Professionally managing consumer loyalty programs are difficult and, in many instances, so difficult that the majority of big chain supermarkets admit their consumer loyalty cards perform poorly and can be ineffective. Outstanding loyalty cards are essential for any grocery supermarket, helping make shoppers feel special and coming back repeatedly for their rewards. This gamification of the shopping experience appeals to all ages, and particularly to the older generations who may be the core of your business. Offer exclusive deals and rewards points — all the benefits of a premium loyalty program — but without the heavy upfront investment and ongoing administration that would be required to create a program from scratch.

We provide all the smartphone apps, cards and more! All you are required to do is encourage your shoppers to join the program. Shoppers can utilize Grocer Exchange coupons electronically, saving your staff time and effort as the coupons are tied directly to the unique Grocer Exchange Rewards Electronic Coupon shopper loyalty card program.

Electronic Proximity Marketing

As part of your qualifying membership, The Grocer Exchange shall capture shopper interest and direct them to your supermarket when they are within your geographic vicinity, most typically within 500 meters. Whether they’re driving by or walking in a nearby park, The Grocer Exchange will “push” specific offers to individuals near your supermarket and entice them to visit and shop! These ads and electronic coupons can even be targeted to the individuals who are already part of your transactional loyalty program. As they activate, in addition to increasing your sales, you may earn added revenue by targeting sales promotions to specific audience segments digitally with measured and sales promotion messages.

Robo Calls

Robocalls are a sales, sales promotion and overall marketing strategy that never seems to go out of style. Some of the ways our Grocer Exchange Members use robocalls include

  • Custom recorded messages announcing daily specials
  • Flash sales
  • Daily and weekly sales promotions
  • Sponsored in-store activities like sampling and demos
  • Special in-supermarket sales events

The Grocer Exchange uses automatic dialers to create greater appeal for your store location and products especially when combined with proprietary Grocer Exchange database matrix segmentation & modeling. These advanced digital marketing tools allow you to reach a specific group of targeted shoppers along with attracting a wider variety of shoppers at specific times of the day.

In-Supermarket Marketing Tactics

Once you’ve enticed shoppers into your supermarket, you have a wealth of opportunities to encourage specific purchases. Our in-supermarket tactics are tested and verified to work — the same tactics that you’ll see major retailers executing on a regular basis. As a Grocer Exchange Member, you’ll have access to the tools and analytics that you need to successfully deploy these lucrative in-store tactics that are guaranteed to shift shopper behavior.

Shopping Cart Advertising

Shopping Cart Advertising is an exceptional way to garner CPG marketing dollars. What better way to advertise their featured product than directly to the shopper as they cruise the aisles of your supermarket?

Entry Digital Signage

Use Entry Digital Signage to impress shoppers in as they enter your supermarket and bring specific sale items to their attention. This is often a manufacturer-supported display or a special events item like the Super Bowl, World Series, March Madness, NBA playoffs, or World Cup. This is a great way to flush out slow-moving inventory as identified by our Grocer Exchange Retail Analytics algorithms. Entry Digital Signage helps promote continuity while allowing a focus on special segments or categories while continually changing streams of featured products. . Assuming they are part of a sponsored program, CPGs are willing to pay top dollar for this type of prime real estate features within your supermarket, especially as they may be new products or introduced at a specific time of year.

Sampling And Demos

Sampling and demos are loved by shoppers of all ages and are one of the best ways to introduce new products and services within your supermarket. Your investment of time and effort is minimal with these strategies — we bring the sampling opportunities to you, and you will even get paid to participate.

Entry Ambassadors

Entry Ambassadors help welcome individuals to your supermarket and encourage them to try specific brands or special offers. CPG manufacturers appreciate the opportunity to have face time with your shoppers and learn more about their needs and interests with surveys and opportunity assessments.

The Grocer Exchange GEX Rewards Mastercard Debit & Credit Cards

The Grocer Exchange GEX Rewards Mastercard Debit & Credit Cards offerings allow you to drive new member acquisitions, increasing basket size and shopping frequency. Providing your shoppers with The Grocer Exchange GEX Rewards Mastercard Debit & Credit Cards offers an alternative to paying cash during those times when money can be tight. This is another area where your store can receive an activation fee for each new customer that you sign up. The funds that you gain from each of these tactics offer significant financial benefits throughout the year. Encouraging your staff to utilize these benefits and many others can result in benefits significant enough to take a great vacation with family and friends.

In-Aisle Promotion Tactics

As shoppers browse the aisles of your supermarket, there are multiple opportunities to catch their eye with marketing messages — all paid for directly by the CPG manufacturers and earning you revenue throughout the year!

Shelf Talkers

Shelf Talkers allow CPG marketers to share additional information with shoppers that can help them decide. Today’s shoppers are looking for more than simply a product — they are often looking for an experience, too. They want to learn more about their brands, and QR codes are an easy and convenient way to continue telling the story of their brand.

In-Aisle Analog Signage

Use In-Aisle Analog Signage to create a moment of emphasis that is sure to catch the eye of browsing shoppers. This helps to hint as to the location of a specific product or provide a special offer.

Major manufacturers often appreciate this opportunity to highlight their full line of products or brand. You receive additional funds by allowing CPG marketers to hang these banners in your valuable space.

Smart Shelf Tags

Smart Shelf Tags, also known as ESLs, are tiny computers that contain a great deal of information that can help explain a product and how it is manufactured or distributed. It is all about the storytelling aspect of the brand — and shoppers love to have the ability to learn more before making a purchase.

Sponsored In-Supermarket WI-FI

Sponsored In-Supermarket WiFi. WiFi is prevalent in supermarkets today, and shoppers expect to have the convenience of connecting while they are in your place of business. Sponsored WiFi messages allow you to leverage your WiFi network or a Grocer Exchange installed WiFi network as a mini advertising system that can drive incremental sales while also be extremely lucrative for your business.

Electronic Coupons

Electronic Coupons are utilized by shoppers of all ages and are much appreciated due to the convenience of using them when compared to print coupons. We provide a digital wallet for each of your registered or newly acquired shoppers which are tied directly to The Grocer Exchange GEX Rewards shopper loyalty program. Your shoppers and your cashiers will find it fast and convenient to access special sponsored offers. As a Grocer Exchange member, CPG manufacturers will clamor to have their coupons converted by your shoppers quickly and easily. Offering electronic coupons is one of the best ways to enrich the data that you gather about your shoppers. This is extremely important, as the Grocer Exchange Retail Analytics Teams operates seven days a week and 24 hours a day to process the data that inspires CPG marketers to want to invest more in promoting their items to your shopper base. Additional coupons can be customized based on documented and analyzed shopper buying patterns to manifest increased visits and larger basket sizes while reducing the time between visits to your supermarket.

Fixed Placement Tactics

While remote digital sales promotion programs are often the easiest to administer, you will likely receive a significant revenue boost from fixed placement tactics. This is due to the size and scale of the installation that will fit within the space and the standard dollar volume of your supermarket. Manufacturers are looking for any way possible to make their products stand out from the rest, and these fixed placement tactics are innovative and eye-catching.

In-Supermarket Digital Signage

In-Supermarket Digital Signage can be programmed to grab attention — as these mini-billboards can be leveraged in a variety of ways to drive revenue from CPG marketing dollars.

Grocer Exchange Discount Savings Kiosks

Grocer Exchange Discount Savings Kiosks offer a great advertising opportunity, allowing shoppers to load coupons directly to their digital cards or mobile apps. Collect additional and very lucrative consumer data by creating AIOS surveys — Attitudes, Interests, Opinions & Satisfaction.


Your shoppers haven’t quite made it out the door yet, which means there are still opportunities to make money on sales — and marketing or advertising dollars! We will help you coordinate opportunities for additional revenue even as shoppers are headed through the checkout line.

Cash Register Tape Advertising

Cash Register Tape Advertising is the perfect way to drive business to other local organizations, not just specific products. People tend to retain their cash register tape and are accustomed to looking at this humble piece of paper to see what type of discounts or coupons are on offer for the week. Since all our information is data driven, we can provide highly relevant offers to individual shoppers even on their way out the door. This ability is very attractive to businesses and CPG marketers — and results in newfound revenue opportunities for you!

Check Stand / Cashier Sales Promotion Ambassadors

Check Stand / Cashier Sales Promotion Ambassadors help share specific messages with your shoppers as they’re leaving the supermarket — leaving behind good feelings about your brand and a positive promoter impact, too. Provide shoppers with the impression that you appreciate their business, and you plan to reward them on subsequent trips.

The Grocer Exchange offers our very best members seemingly infinite opportunities to grow your revenue through operational efficiency and revenue generation. All this without the expense, aggravation, risk or opportunity losses associated with being denied access to these lucrative sales and marketing offers. Grocer Exchange allows you to seize simply for activating and engaging your shoppers — allowing you access to profits in a range that has never been accessible in the past. This all happens with programs that are fully paid for with consumer and trade marketing dollars as invested by consumer packaged goods manufacturer sponsors.

Being a part of an aggregate mass product case movement initiative is only possible as a member of the Grocer Exchange. Our membership includes thousands of independent supermarkets, allowing you to benefit from access to CPGs who are ready, willing and able to provide massive marketing support to increase sales among your existing and new shoppers.

The revenue that is gained from all these programs is then shared based upon your supermarket sales volume program qualifications and verifications derived from your cash register data as certified by The Grocer Exchange.

That’s it! With all of these opportunities to earn revenue for your supermarket, it’s easy to see why we are willing to offer a money-back guarantee — along with our unique 18 month managed risk trial.

We can say unequivocally that you will earn significantly higher revenue streams from The Grocer Exchange Revenue Share programs than you ever dreamed.

Contact The Grocer Exchange today and see if your supermarket qualifies to become a member — allowing you to take advantage of these exceptional revenue growth opportunities for your supermarket.