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Is Your Supermarket Grocery Data Ready for Prime Time?

Not all data is equal, and messy data can hold your organization back in a variety of ways. While your product database may look relatively clean at first glance, chances are it was built from data that was:

  • Old or outdated
  • Never revised or refreshed
  • Acquired from unknown sources
  • Automatically generated
  • Manually transposed with errors and mismanaged
  • Scraped from the internet
  • Borrowed from another source
  • Or worse

All this variability means connecting your supermarket grocery data to a Grocer Exchange partner could be a challenge — making it extremely difficult for you to participate in the highly profitable Revenue Generation programs and other opportunities available with your Grocer Exchange membership, including the exclusive Grocer Exchange SabreScore program .

Becoming a part of The Grocer Exchange Data Syndicate means providing value to other partners, but also gaining a great insights and more in terms of enhanced revenue and smoother operations. When your data is in great shape, you can feel confident that prices are correct and that descriptions are valid. Plus, CPG marketers can trust the product sales volume information that comes to them from your POS systems, assuming you are a Revenue Share Level member of The Grocer Exchange — a critical first step in gaining CPG advertising and marketing funds!

If your data isn’t up to standards, you may find your supermarkets are not being targeted for CPG funded:

  • Sectional advertising programs
  • Sectional sales Promotion Programs
  • In-store display programs.
  • Proximity advertising programs
  • Proximity Sales Promotion Programs.
  • Electronic Coupon programs.

All of these failures can severely destroy or retard your supermarket’s ascension into The Grocer Exchange SabreScore program which monitors, collects and reports individual and groups supermarket performance aided by your supermarket POS data to electronically announce:

  • Specific products are in your supermarket and ready for sale;
  • Specific stocking levels are in your supermarket and ready for sale;
  • You shoppers are interested in buying promoted items specifically from your supermarket;
  • Your key competitors do not carry the specific item being promoted so shopper huge numbers of shoppers are being directed to your store;
  • Your key competitor doesn’t carry the proper inventory level necessary to handle the promoted volume level




To become a member is easy, affordable and provides immediate benefits for your business. Start with our Basic Level membership and work your way up our Gold Membership — Or go for the gold right away, it’s completely up to you!

There are no long-term contracts and no big upfront fees. Once you’ve paid the extremely low monthly membership fee, you begin immediately reaping the benefits. Try it out for 30 days for FREE if you don’t like it you can cancel.


Getting started doesn’t require a long ramp-up period or multiple rounds of negotiations. We have spent nearly a decade fine-tuning each offering to ensure that it adds value to grocery stores of all sizes — giving you the buying power, tools and technology that you need to continue expanding your reach and enhancing your revenue opportunities.

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Benefits of Grocer Exchange Improved Data Quality

Having clean data has bigger benefits than you may realize — everything from helping improve your operations to create a more consistent tool for decision making. Your team probably spends a good bit of time each week on ordering products, labeling shelves and attempting to find items that are not where they’re supposed to be in your store.

The information that Grocer Exchange’s expert data teams deliver back to you will allow you to smooth out the rough points in your store operations. The Grocer Exchange Technology Center will ensure you don’t have duplicate items, thus enabling your economic inventory acumen and cross-checking to be significantly easier, far more accurate, and when enhanced by Grocer Exchange Next Orbit Retail analytics, vitally important information, elegantly at your fingertips.

Seamless, Painless Subscription Based Grocer Exchange Data Updates Too

At Grocer Exchange, we consistently and progressively pull & update all cash register information together directly from manufacturers stock keeping monitoring systems companies regularly as necessary maintain The Grocer Exchange comprehensive grocery products database which is robust, detailed and accurate. We have built our software over the past three decades to ensure your data is reliable and never adversely impacts your operations or staff.

All of the heavy lifting and analysis is done by the Grocer Exchange team. All you do is benefit from improved data quality and potentially even inclusion in our exceptional Revenue Generation programs. Without high-quality data, carefully inspected, curated and redundantly reviewed to ensure of the information stored in your databases is accurate and relliable, it is very difficult to garner the attention of the CPG’s and their advertising & sales Promotion Agencies as necessary to drive more shoppers to your supermarket via the elite Grocer Exchange SabreScore program.

Act today and get ready to learn more about how The Grocer Exchange can supercharge your data to improve store operations and attract the attention of the CPG’s and their agencies! Contact us today at 646-969-3451 or via email to to get started.