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Take Best Advantage of the Unique Grocer Exchange Members Only Discount Energy Pricing Programs

At least once a month, you’re reminded of one of the largest ongoing bills in your groceries other than salaries and rent — energy.

Simply keeping the lights on and the space heated or cooled can sap your budget dry, and this is particularly relevant as energy prices continue to rise across the country. Apart from putting solar panels on your roof, you may not realize there’s a lot that you can do to cut your energy costs.

With Grocer Exchange, you’ll take advantage of the aggressive energy discounts programs that are developed directly for businesses just like yours. This insider pricing helps you reduce your overall energy costs by adding you to our energy-buying collective.

The Grocer Exchange Energy Aggregation Passport Program uniquely enables members to lock in today’s prices even if they do not activate today or even this year. By switching-over to our Grocer Exchange Energy aggregation Passport program, automatically preempts your stores from being subject to any early cancellation fees from your current energy supplier. Take best advantage of the locked-in preferred price which is good for up to 5 years.

Savings Examples

  • Hospitals in New York City: $175,569 (Electric) & $91,352 (Gas)
  • New Jersey School District: $171,311 (Electric) & $39,755 (Gas)
  • Malls Management Co in Philadelphia: $418,166 (Electric)

Energy Aggregation Passport Program

Energy Aggregation is a program that allows businesses to create a large buying group of electricity accounts to seek bids for cheaper energy rates. By aggregating, or grouping, a large number of commercial accounts together, economies of scale are created. These economies of scale set conditions for participating businesses to achieve greater savings during a competitive bid situation, than could never have been obtained by the individual customer.

Fixed Pricing Programs

A Fixed Price energy product means that your unit rates stay at one price for the duration of the plan, which usually lasts from (6, 12, 18, 24, to 60 months). If you have a fixed price plan and your supplier announces a price rise, your rates will not change because they are ‘fixed”. A fixed price product enables you to lock in a set rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the generation portion of your electricity bill.

Index Pricing Programs

An index price is tied to market rates and is therefore changing regularly based on supply and demand. Depending on the market, the reference index may be based on day-ahead, real time or hourly pricing. If the index rises, your monthly rate will also, but if the index falls, your rates will lower.

Energy Only Pricing Programs

A fixed portion of Energy that is 60 to 85 percent of your total energy component. The rest of the pricing which is Transmission cost, ancillary service and capacity cost will follow the market. If the costs rise, then the total pricing will also, but the costs falls, then the total pricing will be lower.

Block & Index Energy Pricing Program

This program is very beneficial for Large customers or the customer with over 2 MWH annual. Buyers purchase a block of energy at a fixed price. The remainder of their energy is purchase at spot market pricing. With this method, the buyer has the flexibility to take advantage of market dips while still retaining the price certainty.

Reverse Auction Energy Programs

Reverse Energy Auction – An auction in which Suppliers/wholesaler are competing against each other to give the lowest pricing possible while watching live in front of buyers through our Energy Auction program. The buyer usually has the option to accept any bid or reject the bid as well.

Power Plan Direct Pricing

This is the pricing program that connected to the wholesale cost of Power. The buyer will have direct pricing associated with the wholesale cost and we will charge the administration fee to do the paperwork. This model is one of the lowest pricing available.

Energy Efficiencies Products

Coming SOON – Solar – Led Lighting – Onsite Power Generation – Co Energy Generation – Demand Response.




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